The past 6 months has seen the release of several recordings I have been involved in. I am very happy be working with such brilliant – and inspired – colleagues. Please do check out the following recordings, ensembles and the composers.

Frank Denyer – Screens
Released on the Another Timbre label and performed by the Octandre Ensemble

CTRL/ABSORBER – Laurence Osborn
Bandcamp – Coviello Contemporary – Riot ensemble with soloist Sarah Dacey

Patricia Alessandrini – Leçons de Ténèbres
NMC & Huddersfield Contemporary Records, performed by the Riot Ensemble

Tristan Rhys Williams Hudlath and Fyfnnon Oer – Ddu – Marw
Bandcamp – Soundworks with overtone flute improvisations

Mary Bellamy – Behind the Transparent Surface
NMC & Huddersfield Contemporary Records – Semblance for solo bass flute

In Preparation:

Don’t add to Heartache Stephanie Lamprea and Tom Green
Works and performances from the Hidden Door Festival

Blue-Chew Cheerio Earpiece for ensemble Alex Paxton