Malédictions d’une furie

In 2012, I performed in and developed original video pieces that were the backdrop to John Croft‘s adaptation of Jean Tardieu’s theatre piece Maledictions d’une furie. In Tardieu’s work, dating from the late 1950s, a Fury – one of the chthonic deities charged with the pursuit or wrong-doers and punishment of unavenged crimes – turns her wrath against Chronos, god of time; the Fury curses the god who from a position of aloof timelessness oversees the endless and pointless torrent of birth and destruction that is human history. She laments the condition of those whom she is required to pursue and torment. The complete performance was in May 2012 at the Sounds New Festival, Turner Contemporary, in Margate.

My video creates a scenic backdrop for each of the eight movements of the work, amounting to circa sixty-minutes of video. All of the movements are hosted on vimeo, and a promotional video can be found here.

In a compelling 45 minutes, Lore Lixenberg recreated virtuoso gasps, arching melismas and vocalisations in the company of the haunting whispering and  wailing of Richard Craig’s bass and contrabass flutes (….) all against the backdrop of  grainy film by Craig resembling water movement, lava flows and flickering flames”

Hilary Finch, 15/05/2012