by way of the BREATH to the LINE

by way of the BREATH to the LINE is an academic article published by the Orpheus Institute. The focus of my writing is a composition by Kristian Ireland called luminous and through the piece I engage with concepts of temporality in performance and articulate new ideas of instrumental mastery. My writing avoided an explicit musicological framework, and instead I looked to establishing a broader phenomenological equivalence of experience of my work – one that could transmit a sense of verisimilitude to the reader. Although my writing is grounded in a piece of music and discussions about luminous, there is a latent theme to my article, and to my PhD thesis: how can artist researchers bridge the distance between writing and practice? As a result, this text evolved into a broader methodological attempt to render a piece of writing about practice which is also an equal part of a practice: I sought to heighten and detail the text in a way that the written output deepens the complexity and dimensions of the project as a whole. The complete text can be found as part of the Orpheus Institute Publications, Performance, Subjectivity and Experimentation, published in May 2020.