SILENT STRUCTURES is an audiovisual work funded by Creative Scotland with the aim of bringing together my visual practice (video, photography and drawing), alongside composition/improvisation and sound art.

The films focus on two ancient monuments in Scotland which represent geographical extremes: the hill-top fort Tap’o’Noth (dating from 2000BC), Aberdeenshire, and the partially subterranean Ousdale Broch (dating from 3000BC), in Caithness. 

My video work is a survey of each monument: through drawing, photography, filming, recording the environmental sound and weaving my own on-site improvisations into a soundscape, I recomposed each site for the viewer, drawing a charge from the stone structures and the cyclical nature of their surroundings. In addition to this I worked with cellist Robert Irvine of the RedNote ensemble in the studio adding a further layer to the improvised music.


26/10 – 30/11/2022 – Paisley Big Art Show, Scotland
1-8/1/2022 – Distat Terra Film Festival, Argentina