Upcoming release:

12 fantaisies à traversière sans basse
My version of Telemann’s 12 fantaisies à traversière sans basse marks my first classical repertoire disc, but I managed to bring the contemporary into the fold by including two of my own compositions; Preludes (sans mesure). Ulysses Arts will be releasing the recordings in Summer 2021 for download and streaming on all platforms.

Evan Johnson portrait disc – Another Timbre

More recordings of live solo and ensemble work can be found at my soundcloud page.

SUB – 2022
Jack Sheen
Octandre Ensemble
SN Variations

Pilgrim of Curiosity – 2021
Oliver Searle
RSNO Wind Ensemble

Hortulus Animae – 2021
Flutes and fixed media

Three of my own compositions/improvisations from the period 2015 – 2019.
Performed and composed by Richard Craig

Seirenes – 2019
Chamber works by John Croft

Alice Purton – cello
Diego Castro Magaš – guitar
Emma Richards – viola
Marij van Gorkom  – bass clarinet
Séverine Ballon – cello

First Hand Records

eyam v (woven) for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and orchestra – 2018
Ann Cleare, RTÉ Orchestra
CMC Ireland

Vale – 2017
Premiere recordings of works for solo flute by Croft, Barrett, Pauset, Fitch, Järnegard with soprano Cora Schmeiser and Distractfold Ensemble


“Craig owns the works here…a primal, at times ecstatic state of Fauvist force” Gramophone

Ensemble Grizzana – 2016
Another Timbre

Grizzana and other pieces – 2015
Jürg Frey
Another Timbre

Amp/Al – 2013
Compositions for alto flute and feedback


The album is full of taught, angular sounds, but its impact is more about compact intent than aggressive noise: more about poetic succinctness than outright inaccessibility.” 

Kate Molleson

INWARD – 2011
Premiere recordings of works for solo flute by Croft, Barrett, Bång, Ferneyhough and Johnson.

Violin – Karin Hellqvist
Percussion – Pontus Langendorf

Craig instills the piece – so often caricatured as a Sisyphean struggle against an unyielding notation – with fearsome confidence, swagger even” 

Tim Rutherford-Johnson

michaels reise um die erde – 2011
Karlheinz Stockhausen


Solo flute works by Dillon, Sciarrino and Ferneyhough

Avant Garde Project

Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Evan Parker – 2004