— Richard Craig






14-16/02/20 ReNEW Riot Ensemble, Kings Place, London
The inaugural concert of Riot Ensemble’s ReNEW series at Kings Place. Repertoire to include Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Liza Lim and Laurence Osborne

28/02/20 UPROAR – Professor Bad Trip, Chapter, Cardiff
Playing with the Welsh new music ensemble UPROAR with Saariaho’s Lichtbogen, Murail‘s Winter Fragments and Romitelli‘s Professor Bad Trip, including several new works by Welsh composers.

01/03/20 Scottish Arts Club – Recital, Edinburgh
Works for solo flute/s including new works by Matheson and repertoire by Creswell (repertoire tbc)

09/03/20 Voice of Fire, St Padarn church, Aberystwyth, Wales
Improvised music with Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies

11/03/20 Riot Ensemble, Liverpool University
A performance with the Riot Ensemble in Liverpool University’s Open Circuit Festival performing Hackbarth, Ferneyhough and Grisey


Clearly, after this point, all concerts have been cancelled, but I leave these here in hope that the bookings will return


21/03/20 UPROAR – Professor Bad Trip, Galeri, Caernarfon
Playing with the Welsh new music ensemble UPROAR with Saariaho’s Lichtbogen, Murail‘s Winter Fragments and Romitelli‘s Professor Bad Trip, including several new works by Welsh composers.

23/03/20 Solo concert – Huddersfield University Concert Series
A recital of works from students, as well as repertoire by Mary Bellamy and Brian Ferneyhough

17-18/04/20 Dublin SoundLab, Ireland
Two solo concerts in the SoundLab festival including new works by Fergal Dowling, José Manuel Serrano and Piaras Hoban

25/04/20 UPROAR – Professor Bad Trip, Bristol
Playing with the Welsh new music ensemble UPROAR with Saariaho’s Lichtbogen, Murail‘s Winter Fragments and Romitelli‘s Professor Bad Trip, including several new works by Welsh composers.

01-4/05/20 Resident musician at the Welsh International Piano Festival, Caernarfon, Wales
Performances of the chamber music of Ravel, as well as resident musician and adjudicator for the accompaniment competition in the piano festival

08/05/20 A performance of Max Murray’s GeorgicHarvard University Art Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA
A performance of Max Murray’s new theatre work with Noëlle-Anne Darbellay and Samuel Stoll

11/05/20 A performance of Max Murray’s GeorgicNO HAY BANDA, La Sala Rossa / Montreal, QC, Canada
A performance of Max Murray’s new theatre work with Noëlle-Anne Darbellay and Samuel Stoll

2-4/06/20 UPROAR – Professor Bad Trip, KLANG, Montpellier, France
Playing the Welsh new music ensemble UPROAR with Saariaho’s Lichtbogen, Murail‘s Winter Fragments and Romitelli‘s Professor Bad Trip, including several new works by Welsh composers.

4-7/07/20 Riot Ensemble in Tzlil Meudcan,Tel Aviv, Israel
Repertoire to be confirmed.


Selected Performances 2008-2019


22/01/19 City University London Crippled Symmetry with Damien Harron and Philip Thomas

09/02/19 Bangor Music Festival, Pontio, Wales
A solo concert featuring new works by Tristan RhysWilliams, Andy Lewis and the winner of the Mathias Composition Award, and an extract from my own work Hortulus Animae

25-28/02/19 Residency – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Contemporary Music Lab, Greece
Teaching and a concert featuring the programme Mythologies (new works by Murray, Croft, Billone, Craig and Rhys Williams) with the concert taking place in the Thessaloniki Centre for Contemporary Art

13/4/19 Trio Concert, Pontio, Bangor, Wales
Works by Katherine Bettridge, Sioned Roberts and Andy Lewis, including performers Mared Emlyn and Sioned Roberts

11/5/19 Yn y Golau – performance with Vertical Dance, Pontio, Bangor Wales
Culmination of a collaborative directed by Kate Lawrence

17/09/19 Solo Recital Unerhörte Musik, Berlin, Germany 
A performance of Hortulus Animae (my own work), Piece by Tristan Rhys Williams, and works by Kristian Ireland and Jesse Ronneau in Berlin’s longest established new music series.

26/09/19  SUMMIT, Salford, UK
A premiere performance of Hortulus Animae (ii) ‘siambr’ and Hortulus (i) and Blodeuwedd alongside new work by Lauren Redhead and Alistair Zaldua.

03/11/19 NOVEMBER MUSIC – Riot Ensemble – Saunders and Osborn, Holland
Guest performance with the London-based Riot Ensemble

13/11/19 SCRATCH a concert of Experimental Music, Storiel, Bangor
The inaugural concert of SCRATCH of ex Ash Cooke, Simon Proffitt and KOO, under the auspices of the Dukes of Scuba

17/11/19 Ann Cleare portrait concert, Huddersfield Town Hall, HCMF, England
A performance of Eyam iv (Pluto’s Farthest Moons) with the Riot Ensemble

20/11/19 A M O K, York, UK
A performance of my own works in York’s experimental music platform

12/19 CD Recording with the Riot Ensemble, UK
Recording Patricia Alessandrini’s works for ensemble


06/02/18 New Music 3 Launch, Irish Embassy, London
CD launch for the Centre of Contemporary Music Ireland’s compilation disc featuring my performance with the RTÉ of Ann Cleare’s exam v (woven) 

23/03/18 Launch concert Another Timbre
Another Timbre CD launch of new works by Jürg Frey and Magnus Granberg, presented by the London concert series ‘Music we’d like to hear’

16/04/18 Feldman – Crippled Symmetry, Huddersfield University
Performance with Philip Thomas and Damien Harron

23/04/18 Feldman – Crippled Symmetry, Birmingham Conservatoire
Performance with Philip Thomas and Damien Harron

27/04/18 Feldman – Crippled Symmetry, University of Sheffield
Performance with Philip Thomas and Damien Harron

03/06/18 KLANG – Durham University
Performance with Emma Richards, featuring student works and a new composition by James Weeks

17/06/18 Octandre Ensemble, Frank Denyer portrait concert, The Coronet, London
Invited to perform works by Frank Denyer alongside the Octandre Ensemble

12/07/18 Voice of Fire, Ceredigion museum, Aberystwyth, Wales
A concert alongside fellow improvisers from throughout Wales

4-6/09/18 HARPS “Doctors in Performance” Festival-Conference, Lithuania
Performance of works by Kristian Ireland and Evan Johnson

10/10/18 Feldman – Crippled Symmetry, University of York
Performance with Philip Thomas and Damien Harron

13/10/18 Soloist with CAPUT ensemble, Reykjavik, Iceland
Performance of Ann Cleare’s Eyam iv for contrabass flute, ensemble and live electronics

24/11/18 HCMF – EXAUDI and Explore Ensemble
UK premiere of Salvatore Sciarrino’s Carnival for ensemble and voices

12/18 Distat Terra Festival- Argentina
Performances and masterclasses. Repertoire to include Richard Barrett, John Croft, Salvatore Sciarrino.



14/2/2017 Performance of EYAM V with the RTÉ Orchestra, Dublin, Ireland
World premiere of a new work for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and orchestra

18/2/2017 Performance at the Bangor Music Festival, Wales
A performance with the soprano Juliet Fraser, performing works by John Croft, Gérard Pape and Patricia Alessandrini

7/2/2017 Performance and talk at Goldsmiths University, London
Performance with Juliet Fraser, including works by Pape, Croft and Alessandrini

13/3/2017 Concert in Bangor University, Wales
An event curated by Richard Craig and Jesse Ronneau, to include works by Ronneau and Jürg Frey. More details to follow

25-27/3/2017 Concert at the Open Circuit Festival, Liverpool
Newly commissioned works and the premiere of the solo flute version of The Flypaper by Steve Takasugi

03-09/07/2017 VIPA Festival – Valencia International Performance Academy, Spain
SMASH ensemble residency

11-13/08/2017 KALV Festival, Sweden
Solo performance – repertoire to be confirmed

21/08/2017 Concert and CD Release, The Warehouse, London
Solo disc VALE release concert, and premieres of new works by John Croft, performed by Distractfold and Diego Castro Magas.

07/10/2017 Alba Music Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland
A return to one of Scotland’s upcoming festivals, performing Mnemosyne by Brian Ferneyhough, and works by Richard Barrett and Kristian Ireland.

25-7/11/2017 HCMF – Ensemble Grizzana, Huddersfield
Premieres of works by Magnus Granberg and Jürg Frey and recordings with Another Timbre

2-8/12/2017 ERASMUS+ Sibelius Academy/Helsinki University for the Arts
Visiting scholar – seminars on my work in contemporary music and collaborations with the Artistic Research Faculty.



09/1/16 ESTALAGEM concerts – Centro John Dos Passos/Chapel of Saint Sebastian, Madeira
Works by Luigi Nono, Patricia Alessandrini, Kristian Ireland and Salvatore Sciarrino

29/1/16 Concert at Baconjam/the Mirror Room, Huddersfield UK
A performance of Kristian Ireland’s luminous for solo alto flute.

18-19/2/16 Masterclass and Concert with the ACMG, Salford University, Manchester
A masterclass on the 18th and then a shared concert with the resident New Music ensemble. Repertoire includes works by Pauset, Lucier and my own works.

24-25/2/16 Orpheus institute – Subjectivity in Artistic Research, Belgium
A paper and performance in the evening concert of Evan Johnson’s émoi for solo bass flute

29/2/16 Huddersfield University concert series, Huddersfield
Works by David Pocknee, Cristian Morales Ossio, Evan Johnson and Patricia Alessandrini

06/03/16 INTER/actions Concert in Bangor Music Festival, Wales
Nono’s Das Atmende Klarsein and a new work for flute and piano from Marc Estibeiro

10/3/16 Noise Upstairs – solo concert – Manchester, UK
A return to the Noise Upstairs improvisation night

03/4/16 Octandre Ensemble – London
Performances of works by Frank Denyer, Webern, Vivier and the premiere of a works by Christian Mason. Concert will be recorded for a future BBC broadcast

22-03/5/16 Performance Workshops & Concerts with ESTALAGEM Madeira
Workshop and concerts as part of the research project co-ordinated by CIERL, University of Madeira

12/6/16 KLANG ensemble concert – Durham University
Workshop and concert  of new works for flute, clarinet and piano, with Dov Goldberg and John Snijders. In collaboration with Durham University and the composer assocation NMK Norway

13-14/08/16 KLANG ensemble, Oslo, Norway
Concert in association with NMK, Norway, featuring new works for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

19-23/9/16 SMASH ensemble perform in Perm, Russia
Repertoire to include Lazkano and Popov – Festival 59, supported by the Moscow New Music Ensemble

8/9/16 Solo Concert – St Giles, Edinburgh
A concert as part of the Alba New Music Festival, featuring works by Ferneyhough, Dillon and Fitch

19-30/10/16 Performances and collaborations in Boston/New York
Collaborating with Prof. Steve Takasugi in Boston on a version of The Flypaper, a performance Boston in Green Street Studios with a premiere of a new piece by Ian Power. A concert in New York at Spectrum.

5-6/11/16 Performances at the SOUND festival Aberdeen with Juliet Fraser
The world premiere of a new work for voice, flute and electronics by Patricia Alessandrini, and the UK premiere of Gérard Pape’s Two Electro-Acoustic Songs for flute, voice and tape.

8-9/11/16 Two day residency in the University of Huddersfield
Concert, symposium and performance workshops – information to follow



3-4/02/2015 Workshop and Lunchtime Concert at the University of St Andrew’s, Scotland
A concert featuring works for live electronics and performances of works from a recent call. Programme to include pieces by Maderna, Saariaho and Croft.

24/02/2015 Guest Seminar at the University of Durham, England
A contemporary music practice seminar for undergraduate and post-graduate students.

26/03/2015 Lunchtime recital at the University of Glasgow, Scotland
A duo concert with the pianist and composer Simon Smith. Repertoire tbc

1/05/2015 Performance at the sonADA experimental music festival, Aberdeen
Performances of my own compositions for flute and electronics.

7/05/2015 Performance at EAVI – Amersham Arms, London
Set with Patricia Alessandrini

22/05/2015 E7B SoundLab composer workshops , Durham University
Ensemble 7bridges yearly festival and composer workshops

2-3/05/2015 E7B SoundLab concert & Festival, Durham University
Concert of student works alongside performances of Sciarrino

2/08/2015 DFScore at Manchester Jazz Festival, Manchester, England
Rodrigo Constanzo’s DFScore system, commissioned by Manchester Jazz Festival

22-27/08/2015 Concerts with SMASH performing José Luis Torá in Denmark/Sweden
A concert of two newly commissioned works and a continuation of SMASH’s association with JL Torá

14-20/09/2015 Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise um die Erde with MusikFabrik, Berliner Festpiele
Two performances of Michaels Reise, with Musikfabrik, Ilan Volkov and Fura del baus

25-6/10/2015 Two Performances at SPECTRUM, New York, USA
Ann Cleare’s portrait concert and a solo concert with pieces by Richard Barrett, Evan Johnson and Kristian Ireland

31/10/2015  Concerts & Masterclasses with David Revill USA – Laurence University, Wisconsin
Stockhausen’s SOLO for flute and feedback (calibrated by David Revill), new work by David Revill for flute and live electronics, and other repertoire (tbc).

9-11/11/2015 DARE – The Dark Precursor. International conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research, Orpheus Instituut, Belgium.
A performance and paper on Brian Ferneyhough’s Unity Capsule and the emergence of the performer.

27/11/2015 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, England
Ensemble Grizzana performs a composer portrait of Jürg Frey.

1-7/12/2015 SMASH ensemble festival, San Sebastian, Spain
New works to include a commission for John Croft.

8/12/2015 Huddersfield University Composers Workshop, England
As part of the Visiting Research Fellow appointment, a composers class and reading session



10/01/2014 Mieko Kanno lunchtime recital, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow
A performance with violinist Mieko Kanno of L’art du toucher le clavecin II for piccolo with violin by Evan Johnson.

30/01/2014 Distractfold concert at the International Anthony Burgess Centre, Manchester
New works by John Croft for trio and Daniel Vezza

18/02/2014 University City of London solo concert series, London
The world premiere of a new work by Kristian Ireland, John Croft and Richard Barrett, alongside Mnemosyne by Brian Ferneyhough for bass flute. Lore Lixenberg will join me to perform a new work by John Croft for bass flute and voice.

25/02/2014 University of Edinburgh Lunchtime Concert Series, Edinburgh
Premiere of a new work by Ben Issacs for solo flute, alongside the second performance of Vale by Richard Barrett and works by John Croft for flute and electronics.

 10/03/2014 Distractfold, the University of Huddersfield, UK
New student works and performances of works by Michelle Lou, John Croft and Fabrice Fitch

14-17/03/2014 INTER/actions festival, Bangor University, Wales
Performances, workshops and concerts at the festival. A performance of …ne l’aura che trema by John Croft.

10/04/2014 Noise Upstairs, Fuel Cafe, Manchester, UK
Improvised music night – work for amplified flute/s

10/05/2014 Distractfold perform at the new music showcase, Leeds University, UK
The group will perform works by Mauricio Pauly, Martin Iddon and Ben Issacs

14-15/06/2014 Ensemble 7Bridges Sound Lab, Durham, UK
New works by the student and staff of Durham University performed by the ensemble.

2-16/08/2014 Distractfold performing the New Music Festival in Darmstadt, Germany
Workshops, concerts, and discussions at the renowned IMD.

22-25/08/2014 La Bruit de la Musique, Creuse, France
Solos, duos and trios in Distractfold’s residency at Le Bruit de la Musique. Works include John Croft’s new trio for bass flute, viola and cello, Richard Barrett’s Vale, Lucier, Pauly and my own works.

9-10/2014 Recording 
A new disc for Métier, including premiere recordings of Järnegard, Croft, Johnson, Barrett and Pauset.

18/09/2014 Noise Upstairs and Jazz North present DFS score, Manchester, UK
The first outing for Rodrigo Constanzo‘s new score system

31-2/11/2014 Recording with Jürg Frey and the label Another Timbre

8-11/11/2014 XXXIV Encontre Internacional de Compositors Palma de Mallorca, Spain
The complete performance of anteCommedia by José Luis Torá with SMASH

21/11/2014 Brunel Arts Centre lunchtime concert, London
A concert performing alongside soprano Cora Schmeiser with spanning from Hildegard Von Bingen to John Croft’s duo Deux Meditations d’une furie for voice and bass flute.

30/11/2014 IMATRONIC Festival, ZKM/ExperimentalStudio, Karlsruhe, Germany
The world premiere of Ann Cleare’s eyam iv (Pluto’s farthest moons) for contrabass flute, ensemble, and electronics



31/1/2013 Ensemble Distractfold and Mivos Quartet, Burghess Foundation, Manchester, UK
A double-bill featuring Gerard Grisey’s Talea, Robert Philips’ Shindo no su performed by Distractfold and repertoire by Pauly, De Prato and Lara performed by the Mivos quartet.

15/2/2013 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland solo concert, Glasgow
Solo concert featuring new works by student composers as well as Croft, Pauset and Sciarrino.

23/5/2013 Diverse Tremblings, Woodend Barn, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
World premiere of Pete Stollery’s Diverse Tremblings for contrabass flute, alongside works by Carl Faia, John Croft and Alvin Lucier

6/2013 Experimental Studio, Freiburg, Germany
Research period with composer Ann Cleare for new work for contrabass flute, electronics and ensemble.

9-20/7/2013 Musikfabrik perform Michaels Reise um die Erde, Lincoln Centre, New York, USA
The Fura del Baus production perform part of Donnerstag by Stockhausen.

29/8/2013 Distractfold concert & CD Launch, Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, UK
Soloists of Distractfold and the launch of AMP/Al for alto flute and feedback, premiere of Rodrigo Constanzo’s Ialreadyforgotyourpussy.com with artwork by Angela Guyton on view.

4-7/9/2013 ORDER in Gaudemus Muziekweek, Utrecht, Holland
A performance of Esaias Järnegard’s ORDER for flute and percussion with Pontus Langendorf as part of the Muziekweek composers competition.

 1-10/10/2013 SMASH perform Pre-Seed in Spain and Poland and duo concerts.
Concerts in San Sebastian, Salamanca performing Pre-Seed by Domink Karski, and  duo concerts with Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete featuring works by Takemitsu, Pauset,  Iñaki Estrada Torío in the music conservatories of Krakow and Gdansk.

16-25/10/2013 Concerts and workshops at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA
The opening concert in the Livewire festival.

6/11/2013 Glasgow University McEwan Concert, Glasgow
World Premiere of a new work by Hafliði Hallgrímsson for chamber ensemble. Other repertoire tbc

20/11/2013 Concert and launch of a monograph of Brian Ferneyhough by Lois Fitch, Manchester
Premiere of Fabrice Fitch’s Agricola IXd for solo flute, and a performance of Unity Capsule for solo flute with the composer in attendance.

28/11/2013 Distractfold concert, Burgess Institute, Manchester, UK
Premieres by Kristian IrelandFabrice Fitch and Lotuses by Jonathan Harvey



22-23/02/2012 Orpheus instituut, International Seminar: Composition – Experiment – Tradition, Ghent, Belgium
Keynote lecturers, Richard Barrett and Chaya Czernowin. Performance of Das Atmende Klarsein for bass flute and electronics with Juan Parra Cancino

27/04/2012 Cardew – Treatise, Sonic Fusion Festival, Salford University, Manchester
Performance of Treatise with Alex South, Daniel Padden and Peter Nicholson.

4-7/05/2012 Malédictions d’une Furie at the Sounds New Festival, Canterbury, England
Premiere of the monodrama with Lore Lixenberg as the Furie, alongside Robin Michael (Cello) and Simon Limbrick(Percussion).

9-12/07/2012 Orpheus Instituut, Assembly, Gent, Belgium
Developing work with Juan Parra Cancino in collaboration with the Orpheus Instituut.

21/10/2012 sound festival, Aberdeen, Scotland
Performances of new works by Ross Whyte with film.

10/11/2012 sound festival, NYOS futures with Richard Craig, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland
Premiere performance of Oliver Searle’s new work for contrabass flute and NYOS futures. Other solo works include Brice Pauset and Salvatore Sciarrino.

22/11/2012 Royal Conservatoire of Scotland composer forum, Glasgow, Scotland
Presentation and workshop leading to performances in the Conservatoire in 2013

16/12/2012 antecommeDIA, SMASH ensemble, Salamanca, Spain
Premiere of des lallens) que plor e vau cantan (die Blüte  for contrabass flute and voice by José Luis Torá



28/02/2011 Royal Northern College of Music, Ferneyhough concert and discussion, Manchester

Performances of Mnemosyne for solo bass flute and tape, Unity Capsule and a workshop featuring a new work by Ferneyhough for solo alto flute. There will also be a round table discussion after the concerts.

19-25/03/2011 C.C.P Concert in the Estonian Composers festival, Tallin, Estonia
A double portrait concert of Sweden’s Malin Bång and Estonia’s Tatjana Koslova including the flute concerto Doors2A

19-25/05/2011 SMASH perform in the BBVA concert series, Bilbao, Spain
Works by Cattaneo, Sciarrino and Torà. Video reportage here

14/06/2011 Flute Masterclass at the RNCM, Manchester, UK
A flute masterclass addressing new works and techniques.

15/07/2011 ELISION perform in the City of London Festival
Invited to perform in a chamber music concert with the renowned ELISION ensemble. Repertoire includes works by Finnissy and Rodgers. (BBC recording)

26-31/07/2011 ON concert series, Cologne, Germany
Works by Stockhausen and Lucier alongside accordionist, Andrea Kiefer.

21/09/2011 CARDEW in Glasgow City Halls, Scotland
Performance of TREATISE and a screening of Luke Fowler’s Pilgrimage between Scattered Points

1/10/2011 Concert in SAMTIDA Musik series, Stockholm, Sweden
A duo concert with Cora Schmeiser performing works by Aphergis, Furrer, Croft and premieres from Esaias Järnegard.

05/10/2011 Concert in LEVANDE MUSIK concert series, Gothenburg, Sweden
A duo concert with Cora Schmeiser performing works by Aphergis, Furrer, Croft and new works by Bång and Järnegard.

21/11/2011 Performance in Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Performance of a new work by Mary Bellamy for bassflute, commissioned by HCMF.


08-09/03/2010 Masterclasses in Aberdeen University , Scotland
As part of the performance fellowship programme, Richard will be giving classes and lectures in the Music Department of Aberdeen University.

18-21/03/2010 Performances with Klangforum Wien of Sciarrino’s opera ‘Luci mei traditrici‘ , Maerzmusik, Berlin, Germany

22/03/2010 Berlin BKA konzert- Georg Katzer celebration including works by Oehring and Köszeghy, Germany
Richard performs alongside Andrea Kiefer (accordion), and Ingo Vilhjamsson (bass clarinet) in a concert based around the works and influence of Katzer

12-26/04/2010 Concerts with Klangforum Wien in Wittener Musiktage and Vienna Konzerthaus
New works by Sciarrino, Furrer, Pintscher and Poppe to be included in the programme.

13-24/06/2010  Hebrides Ensemble in residence at the St. Magnus Festival, Orkney, Scotland
The Hebrides are in residency for the duration of the festival performing, teaching and working alongside the composers and conductors course.

11-13/09/2010 Musikfabrik perform in Musikfest, Berlin, Germany
Luciano Berio’s Chemins VI for trumpet and ensemble.

16-21/09/2010 SMASH ensemble perform in Alicante, Spain
Repertoire to include Ferneyhough, Fiszbein and Torà in the 2010 edition of the Alicante New Music Festival.

10-15/10/2010 RANK Artists In Motion project “Apples & Apples” tour, Sweden
Organised by BAS, Stockholm, a project bringing together, Richard Craig, percussionist Pontus Langendorf, pianist Johan Zakrisson and improvisers such as David Stackenäs (prepared guitar), renowed contrabassist, Barry Guy. New compositions will be composed especially for the group and be performed throughout Sweden. Improvisation is also a focus of the tour: taking sounds from each new surrounding, the group will build improvisations specific to the concert location and the recorded sounds of each new area.

16-17/10/2010 SOUND festival flute course, Aberdeen, Scotland
The SOUND festival hosts a flute course for contemporary and classical flute techniques, alongside Margaret Preston. Covering classical repertoire and contemporary, the course will also be preparation and performance of a newly commissioned work for multiple flutes by Kenneth Dempster.

25/10/2010  SMASH ensemble perform GAIDA festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
Spanish group give their Lithuanian debut with On Stellar Magnitudes by Ferneyhough and works by Lachenmann.

28/10/2010 SMASH meet Multilaterale in Paris and Salamanca
New works composed for members of both groups performing together for the first time. Performing works by Boulez, Strauch, Torà and Hortigüela.


17/01/2009 Samtida Musik. A concert with Rùin , Anna Petrini (contrabass recorder)and Erik Peters (electronics), Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Premiere of Inward by Richard Barrett and world premieres of works by Dominik Karski

01/02/2009 KammarensembleN. Stockholm Konserthuset, Sweden. 
A concert featuring works by Unsuk Chin and Takemitsu

03/02/2009 WireGriot The Netherlands.
Richard is guesting with the WireGirot in Tiburg, Holland. Programme to include ne l’aura che trema and works by Juan Parra Cancino.

05/06/2009 Solo concert in Sankt Peter Köln Cologne, Germany.
Works by Radulescu, Muenz, Fox, Croft, Sciarrino and Ferneyhough.

12-14/06/2009 Bachfest Leipzig with MusikFabrik ,Germany
World premieres of Toshio Hosokawa.

06-12/07/2009 SMASH perform in Finland
Works by Finnissy, Ribera and Fuentes in the Musiikin aika festival.

11-18/10/2009 Lectures and recitals in collaboration with DX arts and TRANSPORT concert series Washington, Seattle, USA.
Recital to feature works by Munakata, Bång, Lindwall, Ferneyhough, Dillon and Stewart. A new project with DX arts also to be initiated.

17/11/2009 Duo concert in Napier University
A duo concert with Karin Hellqvist in Napier University performing a world premiere by Evan Johnson and works by Berio, Sciarrino and Davismoon.

10-19/11/2009 SOUND Aberdeen, Scotland.



16-20/01/2008 musikFabrik at Ultrschall, Radial System, Berlin
Works by Vivier, Hervé and Scelsi with the musikFabrik directed by Diego Masson

16/02/2008 Helmut Lachenmann portrait concert, KammarensembleN Stockholm konserthus, Sweden
Performing works by Helmut Lachenmann with KammarensembleN in Stockholm New Music, with the composer in attendance.

10-16/05/2008 A performance of Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise with musikFabrik at the Wiener Festwochen Wien, Austria

10-16/06/2008 Concerts with SMASH in the Auditorio del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid and in Salamanca, Spain
Works by Iñaki Estrada and José Luis Torá with the dynamic SMASH ensemble

25-27/07/2008 Workshop Rajan-Sajan Project, London, UK
An AHRC project coupling Indian musicians and contemporary musicians. Project in association with Grenzenlos

10-14/08/2008 Research at the Institute for Sonolgy Den Haag, The Netherlands
Research period with Juan Parra Cancino and Camille Hesketh at the Insitute

24-26/08/2008 A performance of Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise with musikFabrik Philharmonie, Cologne Germany

28-31/08/2008 A performance of works by Helmut Lachenmann with musikFabrik Philharmonie, Cologne Germany

05/09/2008 Young Nordic Music Festival, Oslo
The world premiere of a work by David Brynar Franzson for solo piccolo andsolo bass flute(duo), the failure of surface.

15-16/09/2008 A performance of works by Helmut Lachenmann with musikFabrik , Berlin, Germany

22-24/09/2008 Performance of Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise with musikFabrik, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Poland

27-28/09/2008 A performance of works by Helmut Lachenmann with musikFabrik Budapest, Hungary

5-7/10/2008 Performance of Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise with musikFabrik Venice Biennale, Italy

25-6/10/2008 Recitals and lectures, S O U N D festival Aberdeen, Scotland
Richard performed in place of Roberto Fabricciani, who was unable to perform due to illness.

26-27/11/2008 Performances with musikFabrik in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam Works by Neuwirth and Goebbels.

28,29/11/2008 Performances in SMASH festival, Salamanca, Spain. Works by Fuentes and Lazkano.

30/11/2008 musikFabrik play Neuwirth, Berlin “The lost highway” in Radialsystem.

11-14/12/2008 Performance of Stockhausen’s Michaels Reise with musikFabrik Festival D’Automne, Paris, France