— Richard Craig


Jane Dickson

– José Manuel Serrano

– Piaras Hoban for alto flute and feedback

– Fergal Dowling for flute and live electronics

– Jeroen Speak for solo bass flute

– Arrangement of Steven Takasugi‘s The Flypaper for flute and fixed media



– Siambr for flute and fixed media (own composition), Summit, Manchester, September 2019

– Blodeuwedd for bass flute and fixed media, (own composition), Bangor Music Festival, Wales, February 2019

– Andrew Lewis Earthline for alto flute and bass flute with live electronics, Bangor Music Festival, Wales, February 2019

– Tris Rhys: Piece for alto flute and tape, Bangor Music Festival, Wales, February 2019

– AJAX for solo piccolo (as part of a music theatre project) by Max Murray, Thessaloniki, Greece, February 2019

– John Croft: Ligeia for solo alto flute, Distat Terra Festival, Argentina 2018

– Hortulus Animae (i) for flute and fixed media (own composition), Listen to the Voice of Fire, Aberystwyth, Wales, June 2018

– But I Guess, In The End, We Just Moved Furniture Around for flute, cube and live video by David Pocknee. Unperformed – video version of the piece here

eyam v (woven) for contrabass flute, contrabass clarinet and orchestra. Premiered in Dublin, February, 2017

– Esquisse d’apres Artaud for flute, voice and live electronics by Patricia Alessandrini, Soundfestival, Aberdeen, November 2016

– Alkahest by David Revill. Premiered 23rd October, 2015

– eyam iii (if it’s living somewhere outside of you) for bass flute by Ann Cleare SPECTRUM, New York, USA October 25th, 2015

– eyam iv (Pluto’s farthest moons) for contrabass flute, ensemble, and electronics in ZKM, Karlsruhe, November 28th, 2014

– Some Inflections by Ben Issacs,  Edinburgh University, Reid Concert Hall, 26th of February, 2014

– John Croft – Deux Meditations for voice and bass flute with Lore Lixenberg, London City University, February 2014

– vale by Richard Barrett as part of Dying Words (Resistance & Vision part 2), London City University, February 2014

– luminous by Kristian Ireland for solo alto flute, London City University, February 2o14

– Contrabass flute and electronics by Pete Stollery for April, 2012 (Creative Scotland project).

– Solo flute, and flute and string trio by Fabrice Fitch AGRICOLA IX(e): Je n’ay Dueil with Distractfold in November 2013,  Manchester  UK

– José Luis Torá des lallens) que plor e vau cantan (die Blüte for contrabass flute and voice, SMASH festival, Salamanca, Spain, December 16th, 2012

– John Croft Maledictions d’une furie, Sounds New festival,  May, 2012

– SEMBLANCE by Mary Bellamy premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2011

– HYPEROXIC by Malin Bång for bass flute and sound objects. (Creative Scotland project)
Premiered in Göteborg, House of win win, Levande Musik,  the 5th of October, 2011.

– PSALM by Esaias Järnegard for contrabass flute and voice (Cora Schmeiser). (Creative Scotland project)
Premiered in Stockholm, Capitol, Samtida Musik, the 1st of October, 2011 

 – intermedio (sostenuto…infranto) bass flute and electronics by John Croft. Premiere on the 9th of March 2011, Kingston University,  London

– Tekahtoa for contrabass flute and electronics by Diana Salazar for November 13th , 2010, SOUND festival, Aberdeen (Creative Scotland  project)

– Pre-seed for flute/s and small ensemble by Dominik Karski. SMASH ensemble, San Sebastian, Spain, October 2013.

– L’art de toucher le clavecin 2 for piccolo with violin by Evan Johnson, premiered in Napier University, 17th of November, 2009

– Mean Tone for solo bass flute by Oliver Searle,  SOUND, Salmon Bothy, Aberdeenshire, November 19th, 2009

– New work for two bass flutes and cello by Stephen Davismoon for Richard Craig, Roberto Fabbriciani and Rohan de Saram. Premiered    in SOUND, Woodend Barn, November 15th, 2009

– Solo by Donald J. Stewart os jústi premiered: October 15th, 2009, Seattle, USA

– Cascading Lotus from Rei Munakata for solo flute premiered May 16th 2009, BAS Bandhagen, Stockholm, Sweden

– Alpha Waves by Malin Bång for solo altoflute, premiered March 23rd, BAS Bandhagen, Stockholm, Sweden

– Requiem for flute, choir and tape by Jüri Reinvere, premiered in March 2009, Helsinki, Finland

– Frost at midnight for bass flute and the Estonian Radio Choir from Jüri Reinvere premiered in April 2008, Tallinn, Estonia

– Failure of SurfaceDavid Brynar Franzson, premiered September 5th, 2008, Oslo, Norway

– …ne l’aura che tremaJohn Croft, premiered November 2007, London, England (Scottish Arts Council Commission)

– The Tower of Infinity for flute and electronics by Stephen Davismoon, premiered May 2006, Edinburgh, Scotland (Scottish Arts Council Commission)