— Richard Craig


A list of released discs can be found here, while work in development, live recordings of ensemble performances, my own compositions, and solo concerts can be found at soundcloud.



Summer/Autumn 2019



World Premiere recordings of composer John Croft‘s chamber music. To be released on FirstHand records in sometime in the Summer/Autumn 2019. I am playing alongside cellist Alice Purton, violist Emma Richards and Diego Castro Magas in the Seirēnes cycle. Other performers on the disc include the cellist Séverine Ballon and bass clarinetist Marij van Gorkom.



July 2017

“Craig owns the works here”

Gramophone Magazine

“The flute is one of the instruments closest to the audible human breath and is caught in the process of continually becoming something other than a metal cylinder. Listening to Richard Craig’s playing, one becomes aware not of the limitations of the flute but of its expansion into a vibrant sonic biosphere. We listen, not just to the flute, but to the flautist; singing, whistling, humming are added to his palette and become integrated with the sound of the instrument”

Linear Note – John Hails


new music::new Ireland three

February 2018



Produced and curated by the Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland, my live performance with the RTÉ Orchestra of of Ann Cleare’s Eyam V (woven) with Carol McGonnell was selected to be part of this disc of works by Irish composers.

Early to Late

February 2018



Recordings with Another Timbre – new compositions by Jürg Frey and Magnus Granberg recorded with the composer and ensemble Grizzana.




The Jürg Frey portrait disc is now on general release from Another Timbre. The disc was recorded by Ensemble Grizzana consists of Jürg Frey (clarinet), Mira Benjamin (violin), Emma Richards (viola), Philip Thomas (piano), Seth Woods (cello) Ryoko Akama (electronics) and is alongside some other fantastic releases on the Another Timbre label. Extracts can be found here.



August 2013

My experiments with various flutes and amplifiers with volume pedal are finally ready for release. The limited edition disc with specially designed art work will be available here after the 28th of August, as well as a download.

AMP/Al are a series of works that thrive on the constraints of the equipment and the potential of feedback within, across and through the instrument. The disc also contains a new work by Rodrigo Constanzo for feedback snare drum with feedback flute. Thanks to collaborators Rodrigo Constanzo and Angela Guyton who contributed enormously to both the cover art of the disc and the music herein.

The disc was released as part of a Distractfold concert in the IABF on the 29th of August.




July 2011


From the initial idea to make this disc (circa 6 years ago) until the last recording in August 2010, it serves as a document of my work during this period and the fruitful contact with composers. The CD is now available to purchase here on the METIER label, as well as major distributers such as iTunes, Amazon and Play.com.

inward was nominated for Scottish Album of the Year 2011


Recordings: Almost all of the recordings were made in the Antonin Artaud building of Brunel University, Uxbridge, under the supervision of John Croft from April 2009 until August 2010, with the exception of Inward for flute and percussion, which was recorded by Jamie Fawkus in Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden. The disc also features stellar performances from Karin Hellqvist (violin) and Pontus Langendorf (percussion).

Repertoire: The works span several instruments and styles of composition, all of them having a substantial impact upon my playing and approach to performing new music. INWARD refers to Richard Barrett’s duo for flute and percussion and also points towards toward the musical inclinations of some of the works and their sound world.

PDF of CD Linear notes, composer biographies and pictures- click here


The first essential new music disc of 2011?”

[Unity Capsule]  “Craig instills the piece – so often caricatured as a Sisyphean struggle against an unyielding notation – with fearsome confidence, swagger even. Thirty-five years on its challenges may have been parried, absorbed, reflected and dispersed anew, but it speaks now with a commanding and often beautiful authority.”

18/03/2011 Tim Rutherford-Johnson, an extract from the Rambler.


MusikFabrik – Michaels Reise um die Erde

July 2008


michaels reise um die erde by Karlheinz Stockhausen was a major project undertaken by MusikFabrik and La Fura dels Baus in 2007/8 performing throughout Europe at Venice Bienalle, Wiener Festwochen and Festival D’automne. Live recordings from our performances in Paris have now been released on CD by the WERGO/MusikFabrik label.



Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra with Evan Parker

December 2004

The first CD release from The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra featuring Evan Parker. These live recordings performed at The Einstein, Munich and The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow are a fine example of large group free improvisation and show the band in its early stages.






August 2005



My first recording project with the Avant-Garde Project. The recordings were mastered by Douglas Whates, and then released in 2006. Unedited recordings of Sgothan by James Dillon as well as works by Sciarrino and Ferneyhough